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Bathurst 1000 Preview for 2010

Bathurst 1000 Preview for 2010

The Bathurst 1000 for 2010 is set to start tomorrow, and the favourites are getting short odds at major online bookmaking sites. The top favourite in the odds at is Craig Lowndes, with a price to win of $3.60 and…

Webber Edges Out Hamilton At The 2010 British GP

Webber Edges Out Hamilton At The 2010 British GP

The tenth race of the 2010 F1 World Championship Series took place at Silverstone over the weekend in the form of the 2010 British Grand Prix, and saw another win for Mark Webber. Webber added a third stint on top…

Vettel Topping The Odds For A Win In The 2010 British Grand Prix

Vettel Topping The Odds For A Win In The 2010 British Grand Prix

The tenth round of the 2010 F1 World Championship Series heads to the Silverstone racetrack in Britain this weekend, with the 2010 British Grand Prix providing the turn into the tail end of the season. Current favourite to claim the…

Motor Races: The Peak of Engineering Excellence

It’s hardly surprising that motor races are one of the most popular sports for car enthusiasts around the world.

The thrill of high speed racing combined with the skills and dexterity of the drivers and the thump of tremendous horse power under the bonnet make for an exhilarating ride.

Add to that mix the excitement of betting on the eventual winner, and you have a heady combination of adrenalin pumped action.

The first motor races were held soon after the advent of petrol-fuelled automobiles and even then, the comparatively crude engines were pushed to their absolute maximum potential.

Since those early days, motor races have grown exponentially, not only in the size of the audiences, the technology under the bonnet and the agility of the drivers, but also in the variety of motor races.

Let’s have a look at the major categories of motor races. All of these races provide you with the opportunity to bet online, taking the concept of spectator sports to a whole new level.

The Formula One (F1) Grand Prix series

The Formula 1 Grand Prix motor races are the pinnacle of motor racing.

They embody the ultimate in automotive excellence; from the high performance engines to the aerodynamically modified vehicle design through to the superlative skills and agility of F1 drivers.

The Formula One series includes 18 Grand Prix events held in various countries across the globe and captures the attention of hundreds of millions of motor sport fans who either watch the thrilling motor races track-side or via live television links.

The Grand Prix season culminates in the Formula 1 World Championship for drivers and constructors.

American Championship Car Racing

Due to the fame and popularity of the Indianapolis 500, one of the key events on the American Championship Car Racing calendar, the term “Indy Cars” is the popularised name for this series of motor races.

Indy Car motor races are the most popular series of auto racing events in North America.

Although the cars that race in the American Championship series are similar in appearance to Formula One vehicles, they are less sophisticated due to the restrictions placed on them by the regulatory bodies.

Racing commentators continue to argue over which motor racing series produces the best drivers. While some motor enthusiasts contend that Formula 1 drivers have more ability than Indy Cars drivers, others believe that Formula 1 drivers excel more because of the quality of their car than the quality of their driving.

Touring car motor races

Touring car racing features modified production, high performance vehicles.

Major touring car championships are held in various parts of the world and with varying styles of motor races.

The premier Australian touring car event is the V8 Supercars series which pits the two leading Australian automobile manufacturers against one another : the Holden team and the Ford team.

America hosts the Sports Car Club of America’s SPEED World Challenge Touring Car and GT championships, as well as the Trans-Am Series, which is the longest running road racing series in the US.

The prestigious British Touring Car Championship is held in the United Kingdom each year, while Europe hosts the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (originally from Germany, and the World Touring Car Championship.

Motoring buffs who believe the German produced BMW, Audi and Mercedes vehicles are the most beautifully manufactured vehicles available also avidly support the European Touring Cup, a one day event open to Super 2000 specification touring cars from Europe’s many national championships.

Rally racing

The most popular and widely viewed rallying motor races are the World Rally Championship (WRC) series. The WRC tests rally drivers to the max by including various stages run on dirt, gravel, tarmac and ice.

Points are accumulated in each section and the WRC Champion is the driver who has the highest number of points overall.

Other famous rally motor races include the Paris-Dakar Rally, Monte Carlo Rally, Rally Argentina, Rally Finland and Rally GB.

Another form of rally racing is the Targa series, which is a tarmac-based race.

Targa Tasmania is one of the most popular Targa motor races and has been run in Tasmania since 1992. Other Targa events around the world include the Targa Newfoundland based in Canada, Targa West based in Western Australia and Targa New Zealand.

Other specialised motor races

Motor racing fans are spoilt for choice with the variety of premier racing events held in countries throughout the world.

Other forms of motor races not mentioned above include:

1. Drag racing

2. Sports car racing

3. Off-road racing, and

4. Kart racing

If you’re looking for something a little different to motor sports such as rally racing & formula one, you could always give horse racing a shot! The Melbourne Cup is one of the largest horse races in Australia, and is definitely worth the punt – 2013 Melbourne Cup is geared up to be a really good day!